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You can have the prettiest flowers and the perfect design, but without a perfectly planned event your guests may miss some of your favorite details. Planning is a vital part of what we do. We allow our clients and their families to experience the event to the fullest, without the distraction of coordinating all of the details and timelines. Our planning packages range from large weddings to boutique parties and vary in price based on the services needed.  


Our styling services range from tabletop design to rental selection to cohesive all-inclusive design plans. With each event we strive to tell a story, make guests feel welcome and important, and create an experience that is as unique as our clients. Let us help you tell your story at your next event!


We love working with flowers that are as timeless and magical as the memories made at our events. We create innovative, whimsical, and elegant designs to help make your event come to life. Your vision is simply our next challenge to produce the perfect arrangements to accent your special event. 

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The Wedding Experience

Imagine enjoying your wedding day without having to even think about how many centerpieces you need for the guest tables, what size stage the band needs, and which textures of linens go with the modern but elegant vibe you want for your wedding. That is how you will feel with our client-focused wedding planning process that fits each of our couple’s unique needs.

From the moment we meet and you decide to take on wedding planning with Wallflower Event Co. we want you to know that we will make your wedding uniquely yours. That’s why we start with really diving into who you are, your love story, and how we can tell your story through each aspect of your wedding.

It all started with hello

Let’s go tour the best suited venues for you and choose the perfect backdrop for your day! We will hold your hand through the process of picking the perfect vendor team that will execute your wedding exactly as you envisioned. From the photographers and videographers capturing every moment, to the perfect meal for you and your guests, we will find you the people who care as much about your event as you do.

The real fun begins!

This is where the getting to know you step really comes into play. We will design a wedding that tells your story through each choice we make in design. You love all the pretty photos you’ve seen on Instagram, but let’s take it up a notch and tell your story with those details. We’re talking personalized invitation suits, custom statement pieces, unique ways for your guests to find their seats, and all the fun things in between. We will handle everything from textiles to florals, and won’t leave a single detail out!

We'll talk all the pretty details.

The day has finally come, and your biggest concern is how soon you can get down the aisle to marry your favorite human. We will manage every step of the process, from the installation to breakdown of the event. We want you to focus on the important part, the why of the day: to celebrate your love and promises to each other! And when you walk into the reception, in a room full of the people that love you, we will hand you your glasses of champagne and cheers to your love right along with you. Because when you are a part of the Wallflower Family, we are dedicated to giving you an experience with memories that will last a lifetime. 

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